Pretty Please

Pretty Please

480.793.9792 4426 N Saddlebag Trail, Scottsdale, AZ 85251

Pretty Please was a rushed project where Lion Craft took over as the General Contractor and remodeled the entire place in 2 weeks.  This included building the accent walls, platforms, tufted booths, channeled booths, bottle service tables, bar, back bar, shelving & cabinets, stripper poles, DJ booth, wall tufted cushions, replacing the flooring to a porcelain tile, expanding the bar area, and a ton of trim and stain.  We coordinated with EEG’s Lighting Crew to ensure they received all the raceways / penetrations / clearances needed to complete their job.  Due to the very tight timeline on this project and amount of work needing to be done, coordination and timing was paramount to ensure it opening on time.  During the project, the scope of work continued to expand while the timeline remained the same. Since opening, EEG had us build an additional booth in the center of the dance floor and later decided to change that to an “H” booth where 2 booths face back-to-back.  This is the first project we have built a booth which is elevated by hydraulic lifts.  These 2 hydraulic booths are also accompanied by smoke machines and lasers shooting from under the elevated booth.

Bar, Nightclub in Arizona, Old Town Scottsdale, Scottsdale

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