Hotel Projects – Remodel & New Construction

Hotel guest room maintenance is needed in order to keep the rooms looking fresh for every guest. However, after years of the same look and feel many hotel management companies know the need to revitalize the guest rooms with a new look which can attract more guests and respark the interest of a new hotel. We have designed and built a variety of different pieces of furniture for hotel guest rooms including bed frames, sliding barn doors, dressers and night stands, fixtures, head boards, coffee tables, vanities, decorative features, and others. We understand hotel management companies often have a budget per room for their remodel, so we are able to ensure we can meet or beat that number while providing superior products. Our large commercial C02 laser engraver allows us to customize each room with branded logos on the different pieces of furniture to ensure its unique to the space.

When entering into the hotel, how the space is viewed from the front desk to the restaurant and lounge makes a large impression on how the visitor views how many stars the hotel appears. By revamping the interior, hotels can gain significant aeshetic improvements to ensure guests feel they are staying in a high-end hotel they want to come back to in the future. We have built unique high-end host desks, wine rooms, bars, restaurants, lounges, cabanas, barbershops, and other amenities guests seek when staying at a hotel.