“Quality means doing it right when no one is looking.”

–Henry Ford

From conception to install, we handle the entire process which is centered around our 3D modeling.

Our fabricators are crafting from exact laser measured models which means their products are going to fit perfect, eliminating possible errors between fabrication and the install team.

Our flexibility and quality controls far exceed industry standards as a direct result of the time saved waste reduced in this process.

With current technology such as automated machine tools like CNC machines, digital measuring devices, and cutting-edge software, Lion Craft’s in-house fabrication team achieves unrivaled precision.

We continue to refine how we engineer our components to ensure they can accommodate the unique constraints of the ever evolving bar and nightclub industry.

Lion Craft’s experience is in high volume, high traffic hospitality venues in major entertainment districts across major cities.

Our fabrications are designed with materials and structural builds that can take abuse keeping your venue looking attractive to your customer base and reducing the frequency of remodel and upkeep.

Invest in a product not only built by masters of their crafts using the right machines and tools, but a team that is all under one roof collaborating everyday to build your dream space.

Delivered from our warehouse to the site, our build team ensures it’s installed quickly and properly