Lion Craft

We are Hospitality Design and Furniture focusing on the bar, nightclub, and restaurant scene. In doing so, we understand and see the current and upcoming design changes to the ever evolving industry.

Our passion is to foresee upcoming trends in the industry, and turn that vision into
edgy, exciting and high-end design. In an ever-evolving industry, Lion Craft is ahead of the curve.


We accelerate the design process in the outdated construction industry. By utilizing high tech 3D models, we are able to provide a realistic virtual representation of your new construction or planned remodel to scale with all the textures, design features and lighting in place.


Manufacturing everything in house gives us the control and flexibility to ensure it’s built correctly to the finest detail and delivered on-time.


Utilizing 3D models our installation and build crew has all the measurements onsite anywhere across the country to build the fantasy dream space accurately and quickly.