Lion Craft

We are fabricators at our core.  We differentiate ourselves by building 3D Models & renderings of a product and being able to build them to precision. By working with owners, architects, interior designers, and general contractors in the Design phase, everyone is able to visualize the end product prior to starting the build.  By working with all parties during each phase of the project we understand and see the current and upcoming design changes to the ever evolving industry.

Our passion is to build the custom products our client’s envision. In an ever-evolving hospitality industry, Lion Craft is ahead of the curve by allowing all parties to have control of their design and ensure it will be executed to precision by our craftsman and CNC machines.


By utilizing 3D models, we are able to provide a realistic virtual representation of the spec’ed design provided by the owner, architect, or interior design to scale rendered 3D model.


Manufacturing everything in-house with our CNC Laser, CNC Plasma, and CNC Router give us the full control and flexibility to ensure it’s built correctly to the finest detail and delivered on-time.


All our craftsman utilize the 3D models to be able to break down each component to get the exact details when building. Laser measuring prior ensures a smooth install onsite anywhere across the country.